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At some time or other most of us working in the not for profit sector need to write a funding proposal for a project. For those of us who are not involved full-time in fundraising this can be quite daunting. Some time ago I needed to write a proposal for a child care facility in India and I searched online for some help with this. I came across this toolkit on the Civicus site which I found really helpful. It provides tips and practical suggestions for applying for funding and proposal writing.  It will show you what you need to do before you write the proposal, how to write the proposal, and what follow-up you need to do after you have made your application.

I thought that this toolkit  would be really helpful for anyone who needed to write a funding proposal for a research project or to fund a small project. As I worked through the various stages of writing my proposal the main thing I learnt was that a large percentage of research proposals are turned down because they are not tailored to the funder. So, I realised that it is really important to research the funders I intended to write to. I found that all funders provide information about how they want a funding proposal to be presented and they will tell you what they will and won’t fund. Just sending out a begging letter or the same letter or proposal to lots of potential funders will get little result. I’ve learnt that proposal writing needs to be taken seriously and I hope that this toolkit should help you too.

Go to Writing a Funding Proposal to access the toolkit online. You’ll also find lots of other toolkits on the site.



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