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Press release on general elections in Angola

On August 23, general elections were held in the Republic of Angola.

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Angola : Statement by the EU Spokesperson on the General elections

On 23 august 2017, the people of Angola elected their representatives to the National Assembly and consequently to the Presidency, in the country’s third general election since peace was re-established in 2002.

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Angola : UK opposes illegal wildlife trade

UK Ambassador John Dennis and the Angolan NGO MBAKITA’s Director Pascoal Baptistiny signed the project contract that will contribute to reducing the illegal wildlife trade in the Cuando Cubango province over the next 8 months.

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Angola : ICGLR Elections Observation Mission arrives

Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) arrived in Luanda, Angola for the country’s General Elections to be held on 23rd August, 2017.

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