Global Sanitation Fund

Safe and sustainable sanitation

The purpose of WSSCC’s Global Sanitation Fund is to help large numbers of poor people to attain safe and sustainable sanitation services and adopt good hygiene practices. The Fund is a single pooled fund open to contribution from any source. The money is allocated to Executing Agenciesin carefully selected countries, which then grant funds to Sub-Grantees who implement the sanitation and hygiene work programmes agreed for each country. The whole system is closely monitored by WSSCC as well as in country and global audit mechanisms, of which the Country Programme Monitors are an important mechanism.

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The African countries that the fund operates in are:

Burkina Faso



Calls for tenders

WSSCC’s Global Sanitation Fund continues on the path towards implementation with its latest calls for tenders and expressions of interest. You can access the information via this link:

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