The Yearning for Relief: The History of the Sawaba Movement and its Rebellion in Niger (1954-1974)

Invitation to a Seminar The Yearning for Relief: The History of the Sawaba Movement and its Rebellion in Niger (1954-1974) 5 March, 15.30-17.00 by Klaas van Walraven

In this seminar Klaas van Walraven (African Studies Centre, Leiden) will present some of the highlights of his recent book, The Yearning for Relief: A History of the Sawaba Movement in Niger (Brill: Leiden & Boston, 2013).

Representing a genuine social movement, Sawaba formed Niger¹s first autonomous government under French suzerainty. Overthrown by the Gaullists and persecuted, it attempted a comeback with a guerrilla campaign (1960-1966), which ended in failure and led to the movement¹s destruction.

The Sawaba movement and its rebellion are a totally neglected subject. Van Walraven has traced this story from a social history perspective, placing an entire generation of activists, removed from the official record, back into the mainstream of Niger¹s history. His book, The Yearning for Relief,
is based on numerous interviews with survivors and a vast range of archival sources, including France¹s secret service.

A power-point presentation with numerous photographs will be part of this seminar.

For more details and registration, see our website.

Discussant: Baz Lecocq, Ghent University
Location: Pieter de la Courtgebouw, Faculty of Social Sciences,
Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden, a 5-minute walk from Leiden CS

You are all very welcome!


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