Oct 032013

The Radio Télévision Guinée sound archive

Dr Graeme Counsel has announced the completion of the preservation and digitisation of the sound archive located at Radio Télévision Guinée in Conakry. The British Library’s “Endangered Archives Programme” provided Major Research Project funding for the project, which catalogued and archived 9,410 Guinean songs. Most of the recordings, which date to 1960, were recorded in the Voix de la Revolution studios during Guinea’s 1st Republic under President Sékou Touré.

The archival collection provides a fascinating insight into the revolutionary politics of the independence era, with numerous examples of songs praising Sékou Touré and his political party, and promoting cultural philosophies such as “authenticité. The archived materials have been catalogued in the British Library’s Sound and Moving Image Catalogue and are now available for listening to in the reading rooms. The collection can also be accessed through the Ministry of Communication in Conakry. Dr Counsel’s blog on the project appears at the British Library’s website and his personal accounts of the project, plus a downloadable catalogue of the archive, can be found at his website – www.radioafrica.com.au.

Contact: g.counsel@gsa.unimelb.edu.au

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