The African Creative Economy Conference, October 2013

The 3rd Creative Economy Conference 2013 and the 4th Arterial Network Biennial Conference (Cape Town, 6 – 9 October 2013)

The African Creative Economy Conference (ACEC) is expected to attract numerous delegates (including visitors from at least 40 African countries) to Cape Town, South Africa from 6-9 October this year.

With research revealing that Africa’s share of the global creative economy is less than 1%, the Conference aims to focus on the continent’s creative industries as economic drivers, on their potential contribution to the eradication of poverty and the underpinning of human rights.

Africa has six of the fastest- growing economies in the world, but, as the Africa Progress Report 2013 presented at the WEF asserts, “…the well-being of nations is not measured by growth alone.

These are the kinds of questions that will be interrogated at the African Creative Economy Conference in Cape Town from 6-9 October. Read more at


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