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African books in the SocioLingo Africa Amazon book store

I’d like to invite you to explore the African books in my SocioLingo Africa Amazon book store which has an extensive collection of African books from Amazon. It is especially strong in linguistic books. I don’t receive any funding to run this website and using the book store is one way you can support SocioLingo Africa and help me to keep expanding this resource.

I’ve always loved books. There was no local library near where I lived as a child and when I was 11 I made a small library at home for my friends.  I bought books from jumble sales and begged them from people and probably had about 300 books in my bedroom. I copied the system in my school library and gave each book a code and ticket. During the school holidays kids came and borrowed books to read. Many years later when working in West Africa I did a similar thing for the small school near the village where we lived. I found out that the school ‘library’ had just 5 books in the head teacher’s room! I donated all my own kids old books and begged and bought suitable books for the children, graded them for difficulty, coded them and gave them tickets . Each child had their own ticket wallet where I kept a list of the books they had read – and a bookmark. When children returned books we always had fun conversations about the books and sometimes I heard them read if they wanted to. My porch was always full of children after school. I worked with the head teacher and sent him lists of which books the children were reading and we were delighted to see how they were progressing through more exposure to books.

Over the years through my studies I have collated a huge bibliography of African books. I used that bibliography as the base for this book store. The books are ones that I have chosen personally and they reflect my broad interests and I hope they will be useful to you too.