Aug 252013

Sub-Project “Revolution 3.0: Iconographies of social utopia in Africa and its diasporas” invites applications for: PhD-research grant: 0,5 E13 /36 months, beginning Dec 1st, 2013.

The research project „Revolution 3.0: Iconographies of social utopia in Africa and its diasporas”, part of the „Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies“, an interdisciplinary research entity of the University of Bayreuth/Germany (, invites application by scholars who aim to conduct a research in the field of visual cultural studies, film and media studies as well as art history with a focus on image production, archives and new media in Africa and its diasporas in relation to revolutions and their aftermath. Applicants should conduct a research of their own in close
interaction and coordination with the overall interests research project; and take part in the Academy’s activities.

The core interest of the subproject is in iconographies of revolution, social change and utopia in Africa and its diasporas. Recent visions of future and change, we argue, draw on the pool of images and texts provided by the visual archives of revolutions and liberation
struggles, which are remixed, re-interpreted or repeated in different dispositives such as painting, photography and audiovisual media. As much as referencing existing visions, such imaginations create new imageries. “Revolution 3.0” investigates the entanglements of
aesthetics and politics in situations of radical social transformation, the becoming and change of icons, particularly in the digital age. Questions of interest – also in relation to the doctoral project are: How are images used and post-produced in reference to past revolutions? Is there a ‘seismographic power’ of images which makes them anticipate and introduce change? What about the ‘sustainability’ of icons in terms of radicalism? Central to our investigation are diachronic and transcultural filiations within visual cultures of lusophone Africa. These images are part of visual memory cultures and are enmeshed with thriving political-social movements and recent medial transformations. Our research starts with a focus on Mozambique, particularly because of the foundation of „Instituto Nacional de Cinema“ right after independence in 1975; established in order to produce and promote ‚own‘ images for Mozambicans; and conceptualized as a contrast to colonial imag(in)aries, but investigates the movement of images in Africa and the diaspora.

Applicants are required to provide (in either English or German)

– Outline of the research project to be undertaken (not more than 3 pages), including a time schedule
– CV
– Two letters of recommendation

Applications will be accepted until October 1st, 2013. The PhD position starts on December 1st. Successful applicants are required to reside in Bayreuth and to take part in the Academy’s academic program.

We are looking forward to your application!
Further information:
Katharina Fink
Hugo-Rüdel-Str. 10
95445 Bayreuth
+49 921-55-5433 // + 49 1717106030

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