Mar 112013

Statement by Minister Terzi on the killing of Italian national Silvano Trevisan and the other hostages abducted in Nigeria in February

ROME, Italy, March 11, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ — “We mourn the loss of our fellow citizen, who carried beyond the borders of his country the profound virtues and values of all Italians: hard and earnest work, tenacity and spirit of sacrifice”.

“This painful tragedy, which I have personally monitored, is further dramatic proof of the aberrant lengths to which fundamental extremism can lead. The atrocities we have witnessed show the brutality of fundamentalist hatred and stand as a warning that we must multiply our efforts to eradicate the ills on which terrorism feeds – ignorance, prejudice and intolerance”.

“Italy will remain in the forefront of the international community’s coordinated commitment to containing and preventing all forms of terrorism”.

Source: APO

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