Learning African languages through Skype

 One to one lessons in African languages

Just recently I came across an innovative way of learning languages which you might be interested to find out about.   Imagine being able to learn a new language and know that you are also helping the language teacher in developing country at the same time. At Glovico.org for the last few years they have been using Skype to offer people from developing countries the opportunity to earn additional income through teaching their mother tongues. I was pleased to see how cost-effective this language learning method is. As a ‘fair trade’ language learning website Glovico charge a small administrative fee with the rest of the per hour fee going to the teacher. Fees appear to vary according to the teacher but the highest I saw for African languages was 10 euros. Languages currently available include Hausa  and Igbo from Nigeria ,Wolof from Senegal, Amharic from Ethiopia, Twi from Ghana and Swahili from East Africa. You can contact Glovico if you are a language teacher living in your own country ( not Europe or the US) and you would like to learn more about teaching with them.

Learn Hausa

Did you know that Hausa is one of the most widely spoken languages in West Africa- particularly in Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Ghana, and Cameroon? Over 25 million individuals speak Hausa as their first language, so if you’re going to visit this part of Africa anytime soon, you’d do well to learn Hausa.

Hausa lessons from Glovico are one-to-one and interactive. The big advantage is that you can learn from home directly from a mother tongue Hausa speaker. Find out more here.

Map of languages of Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ben...

Map of languages of Nigeria, Cameroon, and Benin, showing subgrooups of the systematics of the Niger-Congo-family such as exmples of the Atlantic branch (Ful), the Mande branch (Bokobaru), the North-Volta-group of the Volta-Congo-branch (parts of Kru and of Adamawa-Ubangui), of the South-Volta Group most of West Benue, the whole Platoid, Cross River, and North Bantoid groups, all non-Bantu of the South Bantoid Group, and the northwestern edge of the Bantu area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learn Igbo

Igbo is the predominant language in the southeastern region of Nigeria and is particularly indigenous to the Igbo people. Find out more here.

Learn Wolof

Wolof is widely spoken in Mauritania, The Gambia, and Senegal. Find out more here.

Learn Amharic

Amharic is not a very well known language outside the African continent (particularly North Africa), but it’s the second most widely spoken Semitic language after Arabic, with well over 27 million native speakers the world over. Find out more here.

Learn Twi

Twi is a predominant native language in Ghana and is mostly spoken in the southern part of the country. Find out more here.

Learn Swahili

Are you planning a trip to Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, or any other country in Eastern Africa? If you are, then now would be a great opportunity to learn Swahili online – one of Africa’s most widely spoken languages, with well over 100 million speakers. Swahili is the official language of Tanzania, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda. Find out more here.


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