IOM Tanzania Organizes Identity Management Workshop

GENEVA, Switzerland, February 26, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ — IOM in Tanzania is facilitating a workshop on Identity Management in partnership with the Dutch I.D. Management Academy and the Portuguese Border Agency (SEF.)

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by julyinireland

The workshop which runs from 25th to 27th February, 2013, is being attended by directors of the Immigration Departments of Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia within the context of a regional European Union (EU)-funded border management capacity building programme. The objective of the workshop is to increase government awareness of the importance of identity management and assist participating governments in assessing and improving the integrity of their identity documents and related issuance and management systems, with a focus on effective, robust and internationally compliant processes.   Tanzanian Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Pereira Silima, opening the workshop, said that false identities were increasingly becoming key assets for criminal individuals and groups who were using identity fraud to conduct human trafficking, money laundering, arms smuggling and drug trafficking across international borders. “We cannot practically stop people from crossing borders, but we can put in place proper migration management systems to ensure smooth and orderly movements of persons,” he said. Source: APO

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