Opportunities Lost: The Impact of Grade Repetition and Early School Leaving

The latest edition of the Global Education Digest reveals the urgent need to address the high numbers of children repeating grades and leaving school before completing primary or lower secondary education. New data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) show that about 32.2 million primary pupils were held back a grade in 2010, and 31.2 million dropped out of school and may never return.

Entitled Opportunities Lost: The Impact of Grade Repetition and Early School Leaving, the Digest presents a wide range of UIS data and indicators to better identify the millions of children that are falling through the cracks in education systems and leaving school, often without being able to read or write.  The report is complemented by an online interactive tool allowing users to visualise repetition and dropout rates by grade in the region and country of their choice.

To learn more, consult the following resources:-    Download a PDF of the Full report which is available in English (French and Spanish versions forthcoming)
–    Interactive tool presenting data for about 200 countries
–    Infographic
–    Interactive slideshow presenting regional findings

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The 2011 Global Education Digest examines trends in secondary education, which is the next great challenge for many countries approaching universal primary education.

The special focus of this edition is the analysis of emerging global trends in tertiary education, highlighting the rapid growth of tertiary education systems since 1970, changing patterns in tertiary education graduates by field of study, and in particular, the changing landscape of international student mobility.

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