Film : From the Four Corners of the Earth – the Jews of Ghana

From the Four Corners of the Earth – the Jews of Ghana

An Important Film in the Making

For centuries, the Jews in Ghana, the Sefwi, have unwaveringly practiced their religion, in the face of isolation, without any guidance, festivals, brother or sisterhoods, all alone.  Only recently did they discover that they are part of a global religion with millions of followers. In January 2013 the crew of From the Four Corners of the Earth, the Jews of Ghana will begin to record their story, the largely oral history, that has been passed down from generation to generation.  Heading to Ghana, they will begin working with a storyboard, treatment and shot list, always prepared for the surprises of filmmaking that can turn out to be cinematic gold.

sw-sign Jews of Ghana synagogue

Sefwi Jews of Ghana synagogue

“We will work with local translators so that people can tell their stories in the language that is most comfortable to them,” Director and Executive Producer Gabrielle Zilkha points out.  “”In addition to the Sefwis’ story of self-discovery, many people (many Sefwis included) are curious to know about how Judaism could have reached Ghana in the first place. This is something we’re excited to investigate when our quest to take the Sefwis to Israel is realized. There, we will have the opportunity to work with historians, academics, archivists and scholars who may shed light on the mystery of their past and the possibility of the Ghanaians being descendants of a Lost Tribe of Israel.”

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The film will resonate with people world-wide.  All of us have a need to belong, to share with others in times of happiness, grief and holiness.  We are all part of a world that is increasingly small, and where hopefully the things that bind us together are stronger than those that rip us apart.

For Jews in particular, The Four Corners of the Earth, the Jews of Ghana exemplifies the age old pilgrimage to Israel,  to connect  with religious, historical and cultural roots.  Such a visit is a dream for the Jews of Ghana.

Funding is vital, to pay for the travel costs and legalities of the Sefwi’s trip to Israel, in addition to all the  normal costs of moviemaking. Meanwhile, the crew is now working with tremendous excitement as the kickstarter campaign, nears its goal.

At a time when peace is challenged and humanity makes a valiant effort to rise above baser instincts, a beautiful film like this, with its message of inclusion, will be a welcome addition to the world stage!

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