Feb 222013

Did you know that a virus is malware? Do you know how malware can infect your computer? Symantec Website Security’s Mal-Aware Infographic reveals some of the most important facts about malware and gives internet users crucial information about staying secure online.

Although the following infographic is not specifically for African users, I think it makes some useful and interesting points. In my experience malware is endemic in Africa and few users of computers and mobile phones are security aware and do not keep up antivirus protection. Although this infographic is produced by Symantec there are many other anti-virus programmes available for free download – like AVG. You can also use Microsoft Essentials to protect yourself. Please take this seriously, you can save yourself and those you are in contact with a lot of hassle.

See the malware infographic in English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Svenska, Nederlands.
MAL-AWARE? Stay ahead of the threats - Infographic

From Symantec Website Security Solutions

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