Catherine Ashton statement during her visit in Egypt

Remarks by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton  during her visit in Egypt

BRUSSELS, Kingdom of Belgium, July 30, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Remarks by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton during her visit in Egypt


I came to Egypt at the request of several interlocutors we have here and elsewhere, because there was a feeling that the European Union might be able to engage with people from different political parties and with those who have the responsibility of trying to move things forward.

I came because we have relationships with many different groups with whom we can sit and talk and listen to how they see possibilities going forward. It is about trying to help find elements to build some confidence and to be able to go forward.

I have met in the course of my visit here with a range of different people: the acting President, Vice President, and Prime Minister, with General Al-Sisi, with the al-Nour party, with the April 6 movement, with the Tamarod, with the Freedom and Justice Party.

And of course, as you know, I saw Mohamed Morsi last night. He’s well and we had a friendly and open and very frank discussion for the 2 hours I saw him. I saw where he was, I don’t know where he is but I saw the facilities he has, and we had a long discussion. You know I met with him many times before. I sent him good wishes from people here and he asked me to pass on wishes back, and of course I tried to make sure that his family know that he’s well.

Source: APO

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