Africa Niger : Literacy classes for farmers

Niger has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Nationwide almost 3 million people live in severe food insecurity.

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Handbook on community-led total sanitation

Good sanitation is such a big need in most of Africa. This manual is not Africa specific, but I thought this might be useful. Handbook on community-led total sanitation Authors: K. Kar; R. Chambers Publisher: Plan International, 2008 Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is a participatory process focused on promoting change in sanitation behaviour through social […]


Mali : Critique of World Bank involvement in Primary Education

I came across the following critique of the World Bank’s role in education in Mali. It is part of a report ‘Evaluation of World Bank support for primary education’.

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Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa school pix

Now this is a good idea – work with teachers and head teachers and give kids in African schools cameras and let them shoot away depicting life in their school and at home.

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Burkina Faso : Tin Tua, Award winning literacy programme

Congratulations are due to the the Tin Tua literacy programme in eastern Burkina Faso who have won one of two awards of the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize

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Education in the Muslim World (Gambia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria)

This book is a general one but there is one chapter which is relevant to African interests.

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