Africa IMF Reports : Senegal 2011

IMF reports for Senegal 2011  Press Release: IMF Mission to Senegal Press Release: IMF Executive Board Completes First Review Under Policy Support Instrument for Senegal Country’s Policy Intentions Documents — Senegal: Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies, and Technical Memorandum of Understanding, May 19, 2011 Country Report No. 11/139: […]

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The Casamance Conflict in Senegal

The conflict in the Casamance region of southern Senegal has a personal interest to me.


Senegal : Masquerades of Modernity – Power and Secrecy in Casamance

A book review of Masquerades of Modernity: Power and Secrecy in Casamance, Senegal.

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The European Anti-Aid Lobby And The Threat To West Africa

No matter which country you live in, five subjects have dominated the headlines in the last few years. Natural disasters, terrorism, revolutions, politics and money.

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Senegal : Commercial Criminal Activity in Dakar

Information related to the current scale and scope of commercial criminal activity in West Africa is difficult to access unless you are connected to a local police network or international crime prevention organization.

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Senegal Dances into an Uncertain Future

The third in a series of World Festivals of Black Arts and Culture has just come to an end in Dakar Senegal.

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African Street Children – you can make a difference

In many African countries tribes of street children work the streets, selling, begging and washing car windows (whether you want them to or not!). Often, the authorities crack down on this and round the kids up.

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Africa IMF Reports : Senegal 2010

Links to IMF reports for Senegal 2010

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Africa Book Review : On Trans-Saharan Trails – Islamic Law, Trade Networks, and Cross-Cultural Exchange in 19th Century Western Africa

The book examines the extent to which cross-cultural exchange and business ventures were facilitated by institutional frameworks inspired by literacy and a Muslim legal culture.

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Senegal Health : Total End of FGC Now in Sight

The Government of Senegal will announce tomorrow the launch of a comprehensive strategy for achieving its goal of nationwide abandonment of FGC by 2015.

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Africa IMF Reports : Senegal 2009

Links to IMF reports for Senegal 2009

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Senegal Film : Binta and the Great Idea

Binta and the great idea is a wonderful little film made in collaboration with UNICEF, please watch it – it will make you think!

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