Africa Book : Readings in African Dialectology and Applied Linguistics

Readings in African Dialectology and Applied Linguistics

Readings in African Dialectology and Applied Linguistics is a resource book that covers a wide range of topics on African Dialectology, Dialect-Syntax, Syntax and Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics and Literary Criticism. It is also an outlet for researchers in the field of microcomparative African Dialectology.

The goal is to stimulate cooperation in the study of dialect syntax and dialectology within the purview of African Studies. The presentations in this book are approached in various ways: empirical viewpoints, thematic analysis, micro- and macro comparative studies, etc.

The book consists of thirty chapters written by scholars from different linguistic disciplines but with focus on African dialectology. It is divided into four sections, each section containing chapters that address specific thematic issues.

Section One contains eight chapters that address issues on African dialect syntax.
Section Two has nine chapters which focus on applied linguistics, dialectology and literary criticism.
Section Three, which has five chapters, deals with sociolinguistics issues.

The last section contains eight chapters; it focuses syntactic and phonological issues.

The book is edited by two Nigerian scholars, Felix Abídèmí Fábùnmi and Akeem Ségun Sàláwù,
both of the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Readings in African Dialectology and Applied Linguistics , LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 85,  2013, Felix Abídèmí Fábùnmi and Akeem Ségun Sàláwù, Lincom GmbH. Paperback: ISBN: 9783862884179 Pages: 542 Price: Europe EURO 88.80

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