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Whisper to My Aching Heart by Joseph R. Alila

WHISPER TO MY ACHING HEART is a story about two widows overcoming great odds to become mothers of a future people.


Study finds that older people in South Africa and Brazil get happier as they grow older

The following report is about the early findings from a study led by Armando Barrientos from the University of Manchester and Peter Lloyd-Sherlock from the University of East Anglia

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5 Reasons STEM Education will be the Key to Ghana’s Success

STEM, standing for science, technology, engineering, and math, education is the key to any nation’s growth in the current economy.

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Africa Anthropology : Divination Methods in DRC and Zambia

This study deals with the Ndembu of northern Zambia, and the neighbouring Luunda and Yaka of the Kwaango in southwestern Zaire.

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